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Amantys Gate Drivers

Amantys Power Electronics Ltd announced that it has sold its Gate Drive business to Poweronics Ltd in a deal that sees Poweronics taking on and fulfilling the existing order book of Amantys for Gate Drives and continuing to supply the existing Amantys customer base. Please get in touch to discuss your projects.

Design Services

Taking your design and making it production ready, including a full Design For Manufatcture (DFM) review and implementation, supply chain setup, Process Mapping, and End of Line Test Design.

Our Supply Chain

We are really proud of our supply chain and it is the power behind a lot of what we do. We would like to share the capabilities they afford us.

Our Team

The team at Poweronics underpins everything, from finding a solution to your opportunity, through providing a design service, to ultimately delivering to your expectations.

Gate Drive Transformers

Gate Drive Transformers for your own inhouse Gate Drive design.

Customer Partnership

Business only works if all parties involved benefit. This must be fair business, fair for Poweronics, fair for our Suppliers, and fair for you our Customer.

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