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Power Insight

  • Enables stand-alone evaluation of Power Insight
  • Enables optimisation of the gate drive in the target power stack
  • Interface gate drives enabled with Power Insight to existing controllers without changes
  • Observe fault counters stored on the gate drive
Amantys Power Insight to standard interface conversionAllows an existing controller to interface to Amantys Power Insight enabled gate drives
Stream data via EthernetAmantys Power Insight data can be exported externally for analysis
Configuration of Amantys Power Insight enabled gate drivesEnables user to configure gate resistors, gate – emitter capacitor, timings (eg: fault lock out and dead time) and set fault detection limits warning limits from a PC environment
Data storage facilityWith no Ethernet connection Amantys Power Insight data can be stored on an SD card for further analysis
Independent control of gate drivesStandalone evaluation of gate drive with Amantys Power Insight