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Gate Drive Transformers

A Gate Drive Transformer for your in-house gate drive design. As a manufacture of Gate Drivers we have been using our own custom transformer for years. We started out with a simple 15V, 17kV isolation transformer. Today we have taken that compact, low-profile design and can offer 15V or 24V supply transformers that are suited to IGBTs up to 3300V with a baseplate Isolation of 6kV rms.

The transformer is designed to provide an isolated 15-0-10 V DC supply at 10 W maximum from a 15 V nominal supply using a push-pull forward converter. This transformer provides protective separation between the power circuit (gate drive potential) and ELV power supply.

We can supply you with a reference design, Altium Footprint, and Schematic for you to simply drop in to your existing and new gate driver designs.

15 V Input Part NumberXS000027
24 V Input Part NumberXS000026
Partial Discharge Routine Test3.545 kV
IsolationSuitable for IGBTs upto 3.3kV with 6kV isolation test voltage
Operating Temperature-40°C to 85 °C
Storage Temperature-50 to +85 °C
Maximum humidity operation95% RH (30 day consecutive)
Impulse Test18 kV
Supply PackageTape and Reel
Assembly InstructionsHand Placed