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Gate Drive Transformers

A Gate Drive Transformer for your inhouse gate drive design. As a manufacture of Gate Drivers we have been using our own custom transformer for years. We started out with a simple 15V, 17kV isolation transformer. Today we have taken that compact, low profile design and can offer 15V or 24V supply transformers that are suited to IGBTs up to 3300V with a baseplate Isolation of 6kV rms.

The transformer is designed to provide an isolated 15-0-10 V DC supply at 10 W maximum from a 15 V nominal supply using a push-pull forward converter. This transformer provides protective separation between the power circuit (gate drive potential) and ELV power supply.

We can supply you with a reference design, Altium Footprint, and Schematic for you to simply drop in to your existing and new gate driver designs.

15 V Input Part NumberXS000027
24 V Input Part NumberXS000026
Partial Discharge Routine Test3.545 kV
IsolationSuitable for IGBTs upto 3.3kV with 6kV isolation test voltage
Operating Temperature-40°C to 85 °C
Storage Temperature-50 to +85 °C
Maximum humidity operation95% RH (30 day consecutive)
Impulse Test18 kV
Supply PackageTape and Reel
Assembly InstructionsHand Placed